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Manufacturing site “Gidrokompozit” LLC is equipped with modern injection molding machines JONWAI with clamping forces from 120 to 650 tons and shot sizes up to 3500 cm3.

High-tech equipment makes it possible to produce parts from 5 grams to 3 kilograms from various materials, such as polyamide, polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer (ABS), liquid crystal polymer (LCP), and their blend compounds.

The modern laboratory of physical and mechanical and physical-chemical analysis, certified by ILAC, is developing compounds for replacement existing metal solutions and performing the quality control of raw materials and final products.

In contrast to metal counterparts, “Gidrokompozit” LLC products are more cost effective, have lower weight, are stabile.

In order to achieve specific characteristics for products our experts make active use of fire retarders, compatibilizers, antiseptics and other special components.

In order to improve mechanical and thermal performance, promote chemical resistance can be used carbon nanotubes (CNT). At that, have been solved main application problems of CNT in polymer matrix:
• Providing strong polymer matrix binding
• Achiving high dispersion due to solving problem of CNT agglomeration.



VI International Conference «Polyolefins 2016».

Technical Director of «Gidrokompozit Volkov M. A. took part in the VI International Conference «Polyolefins 2016» in Moscow. There was a discussion of the current situation in the industry of polyolefins production and processing in Russia and worldwide. Was summarized the results of 2015 and prospects up to 2025. Speaker of PJSC «Sibur» Karetin K. […]

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Operational warehouse «Gidrokompozit» LLC.

Operational warehouse was put into operation on the territory adjacent to the industrial premises. Metal shelter was made by our forces. Base of the shelter is of particular interest because it is the demonstration platform for our segment pavement made by «Gidrokompozit» LLC. The site placed close to the entrance gate of our production, made […]

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